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  • $2,160.00

Graco G3 Standard lubricator pump

- 24 VDC power supply

- 8 Liter reservoir

- Stir paddle

- External low level (DIN) output for low level monitoring.

- DIN Power connection c/w 15' power cord

- Can be configured to work with Injectors or Series progressive systems.

- One pump element is included, delivering up to 0.25 cubic inches per minute (4 cc/min).  Up to three elements can be used for a maximum displacement of 0.75 cubic inches per minute (12 cc / min).

- Maximum 5,100 PSI output pressure.

- This lubricator does not have an internal controller.  We suggest Graco's GLC-X controller.

- Many accessories are available.  Contact us for further information.

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